Our Innovative Technology

EFFIKILN is a profitable, highly efficient solution capable of overall energy savings of up to 90% in the tile drying process and a tile deformation reduction of 50%. EFFIKILN introduces two patented innovative systems: 

  1. Hydro-based Heat Exchangers

  2. Temperature regulation system based on adjustable slats which both optimize heat recovery (reducing energy loss to a 5% of the total energy input) and allow optimal re-use.

Hydro-Based Heat Exchangers

A water based heat exchanger is placed in the rapid cooling zone of the kiln to capture the excess heat, homogenise temperature inside the kiln and transfer the excess heat to the spray drying, drying, and firing stages. These water pipes are strategically placed inside the kiln, above and below the roller plane, in the rapid cooling zone. Water in these pipes absorbs the excess of energy (heat) reaching a temperature (T) of over 180ºC. Water is then conducted to the 3 energy-demanding stages of the process: spray drying, drying and firing.

Temperature Control System

A system of mobile dampers surrounding the tile plane to improve the temperature regulation.

When the objective is to reduce the temperature (T) of the air inside the kiln, the slats move on their axis gradually into an « open » position till a maximum of 90 degrees to let the air transfer heat to the pipes; when the objective is to increase the temperature of the air inside the kiln, the system leaves the slats closed in a 180º position, so the exchange of heat between the exchangers and the air in the kiln is minimum.

hydraulic system
Heat exchanger


- 83% fuel saved in the drying process

- 24% Energy Offset in the spray drying phase

- Improved Material Quality Control

- Space Heating 

- Power Generation through ORC System


•3X greater GHG EMISSIONS Reduction

•50% reduction  in  tiles IRREGULARITIES 

•90% wasted HEAT Recovered from Cooling Process

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